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About EnableMe

What is our vision?

«Enabling and empowering 1 billion people with disabilities worldwide to help themselves through relevant information and community.»

What is our mission?

«To enable partners to build up easily-accessible information portals, online communities and services on a local and a global scale.»

What is our motto and purpose?

«All human beings have some sort of disability. We however want to focus on abilities and therefore enable people to live to their full potential.»

Our story

EnableMe Kenya launched on the year 2020 to provide a platform for relevant information and a community. We are passionate about discovering your abilities and believe that disability is not inability.

People living with disabilities have extraordinary talents that can make them succeed and contribute to the world economy every day. Our work with these extraordinary people proves that persons with disability just like everyone else can contribute in their own way to community development. We support individuals to become extraordinary.

Together with our partners United Disabled Persons of Kenya and Light for The World, we focus on empowerment of people with disabilities to help them become self-sufficient and have sustainable revenue inflow by developing self-sustaining business models that ensure financial viability in the long run.

Our primary objective is to provide information, play our part and empower persons with disabilities and the community and help eradicate the stigma that is associated with disability and poverty, hence having an inclusive and equal society.

Our goal is to provide everyone we serve, with an opportunity to succeed and attain financial freedom.