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8 Ways to Make the World More Inclusive for Persons with Disabilities

Inclusion entails allowing minority groups to participate in corporate, economic, social, political, spiritual, emotional, and social activities. Unfortunately, most persons with disabilities face neglect, and these societal perceptions need to change for good.

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The concept of inclusivity has been a topic of debate for quite some time. The issues that arise when this thought is brought up are mostly topics concerning minority groups. But what does inclusion mean?  

Inclusion entails allowing minority groups to participate in corporate, economic, social, political, spiritual, emotional, and social activities. Unfortunately, most persons with disabilities face neglect, and these societal shortcomings need to change for good.  

We can make our society welcoming of everyone, their challenges notwithstanding. The methods listed below help make the world more inclusive for people with disabilities.  

  • 1

    Employ Persons with Disabilities

    Persons  with disabilities  are discriminated against, especially in employment. Persons with disabilities are the largest minority group population yet the most underrated and discriminated. The prevalent, uncouth, biased, and unacceptable view of persons with disabilities as a liability needs to  change.  

    One way of changing this perception is by offering employment to persons with disabilities. They deserve working opportunities just like persons without disabilities. According to a 2022 United Nations (UN) report, 80 percent to 90 percent of persons with disabilities of employment age are employed in first world countries. 

    In second world countries, the employment rate of persons with disabilities is about 50%, whereas, in third world countries like Kenya, the percentage is at 10%.  In third-world countries, the majority of the persons with disabilities  do not even have access to education. These numbers, especially those of third-world countries. We can do better.  

    After offering employment to persons with disabilities, what is next? Design a Special Working Place 

  • 2

    Design a Special Working Place

    Persons with disabilities need specially designed and friendly working spaces. Such working spaces include office desks, desktops, chairs, closets, projectors, smart walls, etc. However, many employers tend to ignore such requirements due to the expenses incurred to ensure the ideal working space is provided.  

    The reality is the items stated above and many more are affordable. When ordering, it only takes a special request to the manufacturers for modification, and everything is done at a very fair price. Let us ensure our colleagues feel at home even in our places of work

  • 3

    Develop Suitable Public Transport Systems

    Everyone benefits from public transport systems. Most individuals, businesses, and families at some point rely heavily on public transport. It is like a lifeline to some; they cannot do their various activities smoothly without it.. Public transport plays a massive role in social-economic development. It includes roads, railways, aircraft, subways, ferries and water taxis, vanpool services, monorails, and tramways. There is a need to include select units in every public transport system for persons  with disabilities. Once it is achieved now, that will be the true definition of inclusivism to persons with  disabilities. 

  • 4

    Build Special Crossing Points

    About 17.7 percent of disabilities result from unintentional injuries, according to the World Health Organization  (WHO). Some of them are due to domestic, industrial, or road accidents. Unfortunately, Persons With  Disabilities  are at a higher risk of being victims of road accidents. There is a need to design special crossing points on the roads to mitigate this.  

  • 5

    Support Sports and Athletics for Persons with Disabilities

    Truth be told, how many times do you sit down and switch on your television and watch Paralympic sports? The probability is most likely zero. Paralympics games are not as famous as regular sports, an indication of the existing inequality and discrimination. Paralympics athletes require the same support and love you give to the Olympic games. The Paralympics athletes are equally important, and the uniqueness in their sports is another level of fun to experience.  

    With that said, how about the next time the Paralympics are on, you switch on your TV set and pick a team to support? Better yet, how about you attend a Paralympics sport in the stadium? Let us create a massive impact in our brothers and sisters' lives by supporting their sports and athletics.  

  • 6

    Include Persons With Disabilities in Our Mainstream  Education Institutions

    As much as there are elite education institutions for persons  with disabilities, they can still fit in ordinary schools, especially if they don’t need complex care. Placing our loved ones in special schools is discriminative to a large extent. Let’s share classes and other facilities with them. Doing so will allow them to interact with persons without disabilities  and learn how to cope in society. On the other hand, such a move will allow persons without disabilities  to learn how to handle persons with disabilities, thus promoting inclusion. 

  • 7

    Speak Up Against Any Form of Violence Targeting Persons With Disabilities

    Persons with disabilities often fall victim to various forms of violence, unlike persons without disabilities.  Some culprits take advantage of our brothers and sisters’ uniqueness to execute their evil missions. Persons with disabilities, especially young girls, are victims of sexual violence. Sadly, many of the perpetrators of these heinous acts are close family members of the victims. The people supposed to give the persons with disabilities  love and care end up abusing them. 

    Persons with disabilities also face emotional and physical violence. Emotional violence includes insults that cause emotional damage and mental torture to the victim. If you happen to witness any form of violence against a person  with a disability, speak up!! Do not go silent about it. We have to speak against violence, and we have to speak up louder against violence targeting persons with disabilities.

  • 8

    Create Awareness on How to Live with Persons with Disabilities

    How can we create awareness of disabilities? We can achieve this through education and training of the society using various platforms such as social media and organized movements. We can also achieve the milestone can also be achieved by teaching people how to take care and offer love to persons with disabilities. 


In a nutshell, persons with disabilities have various unique gifts and talents that add significant value to society. They need to be included and given that care and special place within our society. As it goes without saying, “disability is not inability.”

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