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Amovil Search Assistant by Amovil

This powerful search assistant will be able to match you with the best mobile phone to suit your needs! Just input your disability and preferences and let Amovil do the work.

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What is Amovil Search Assistant?

Amovil Search Assistant is a tool meant to help people with disabilities find the phones and mobile devices that best suit their needs. The interactive website is meant to take the stress away from choosing and finding accessible mobile devices, neatly presenting the best options for each individual. With the Amovil Search Assistant, finding the best accessible mobile device is no longer a time-consuming activity.

How can Amovil Search Assistant help?

The Amovil Search Assistant website allows users to select their disabilities and preferences from a list, allowing the Search Assistant to tailor a device specific to the user. The website also allows users to select whether they want to search through mobile devices, assistive technologies, and apps, in order to connect the user with their preferred technological solution. Amovil has done the research and collected the most accessible devices, meaning that their comprehensive list is sure to have something suitable for everyone. If someone is struggling to find a mobile device or assistive technology, Amovil Search Assistant is sure to be able to help.

Where can I find Amovil Search Assistant?

The Amovil Search Assistant can be found on the Amovil website. It is free to use, but as a website it must be accessed through the internet. The website is interactive and easy to use, with a sidebar allowing users to use advanced searching modes to narrow their options based on their preferences. Overall, this powerful tool can undoubtedly help users find the best mobile device for them.

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