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Breeze: Mood Tracker & Diary by Basenji Apps

A mood tracker and diary to tackle negative thinking!

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What is Breeze?

Breeze is a mobile application which gives the user more awareness about their emotions and the activities, things, or people that trigger them. The app is based on several concepts from cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. Overall, the app aims to help improve the emotional state of the user and it does this through a mood tracker, a negative thoughts tracker, a tracker of cognitive distortions, and in the future there will be advice from a psychotherapist.

How can Breeze help?

Breeze offers 4 main features through the app: 

  • A daily mood tracker which allows you to create a map of your emotions and be aware of the people/activities that make you happy or bring you down

  • A negative thoughts tracker that also provides users with several interactive techniques to help fight any negative patterns in thinking

  • A tracker of cognitive distortions to help give insights into popular cognitive distortions and teach users how to identify flaws in their thinking and behavior

  • And soon to be coming is advice from a psychotherapist (will be included in future updates). A psychotherapist will provide practical advice that covers widespread topics and issues people usually have in different areas of life

Where can I find Breeze?

There are currently two subscription options for the application, either weekly for $7.99 with 3-days free trial or annually for $99.99 with 7-days free trial.

Breeze is currently only available for iOS devices and can be downloaded from the Apple Store.

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