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Daylio by Habitics

A diary, journal, and mood tracker with engaging visuals. Track your life and emotions in a simple, easy way!

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What is Daylio?

Daylio is a journaling and mood tracking app that allows users to keep track of emotions and set goals for themselves to enhance their mental health. The app is suitable for anyone, and has engaging visuals that make mood tracking fun and effective. If we can’t convince you this app is great, maybe the 10 million people who downloaded it can!

How can Daylio help?

The app allows users to input their daily moods. It will keep track of the user’s answers over a long period of time, allowing users to visualize their mental health. In order to create better habits, the app allows users to add goals and projects to their day, such as eating healthy or cleaning the house. This allows users to keep track not only of their mental state but also of their life, helping them stay on track. The app is incredibly customizable, allowing users to input notes and comments regarding their day. This can help users look back and see what they were thinking at a certain point in their life. Overall, the apps engaging visuals and key features make mood tracking fun and easy.

Where can I find Daylio?

Daylio can be found in the GooglePlay store here. The app is free with ads and some features locked, but users can buy a subscription in order to be ad-free. The free version does contain the majority of features, and the app is very helpful even without a subscription. The app does require users to have an Android 5 or higher.

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