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GARI by Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative

A website that can provide accurate recommendations for accessible phones, tablets, mobile apps, and even connected devices!

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What is GARI?

GARI stands for the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative, an organization dedicated to finding accessible products and getting them to users. Most importantly, GARI has a website dedicated to helping users find the right product for their needs. The website is easily accessed from the internet and intuitive to use.

How can GARI help?

GARI allows users to search phones, tablets, mobile apps, and connected devices to find the right fit. By allowing users to not only search based on accessibility, but also by location and manufacturer, GARI is sure to find the right mobile device for any user. The advanced search feature even allows users to select specific accessibility features, such as biometric login or key differentiation. GARI also supports a database of relevant mobile applications, allowing users to search for the apps that suit them best, to later be downloaded onto their phone or tablet. This allows users to add accessibility to their own devices. Overall, GARI is a fantastic resource both for finding and purchasing a mobile device, or upgrading a user’s device to become more accessible.

Where can I find GARI?

For more information on Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative visit the GARI website. As a website it does require internet access. The website itself is very easy to navigate and has all the relevant information in identifiable tabs and locations.

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