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Enable Me Global

The EnableMe Foundation is a non-profit Swiss foundation founded by Joachim Schoss in 2020. Through 15 years of experience with a German-language online portal for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses, the desire to offer this support worldwide arose. It is the vision of EnableMe to give approximately one billion people with disabilities worldwide access to relevant information and an active community.

"If it is worth helping people with disabilities in German-speaking countries, then we must also help people with disabilities in other countries, where we can also add great added value with information and community,"  - Joachim Schoss, founder of MyHandicap and the EnableMe Foundation.

The EnableMe Foundation works with established partner organizations or networks on site and then offers them portal and community technology. In addition, the foundation offers strategy consulting, know-how transfers, training and other support so that country partners can successfully offer their own information and community services.

The MyHandicap foundation, with its EnableMe Switzerland portal, is a country partner in the EnableMe global network.

More information about the EnableMe Foundation: