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Lady signing help and man signing perfect in sign language  | © Shutterstock
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Get Information, community support and exchange on disabilities and chronic diseases

This is the newly launched EnableMe Kenya website, Kenya's disability focused interactive website! 

We are working towards creating a robust community of people living with disabilities and chronic diseases in Kenya. We share valuable information by organizing it for you - through our easily accessible information portals, online communities, access to gainful opportunities and meaningful engagements, and much more!

We offer support on different approaches and solutions, economic empowerment opportunities, and everyday lifestyle tips to help persons who are disabled to discover their abilities.

Also, we would be really glad if you give us feedback on anything you find that doesn't work as intended. Please use the following form to get into contact with us: EnableMe Website Feedback


Disabilities and chronic illnesses explained

Here you will find information and interesting facts about the different disabilites.