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Welcome to Kenya's First Disability & Health focused Information & Community platform.

If you're struggling to get by with a disability or chronic condition, or are just seeking general medical and practical information, then we are here for you.

At EnableMe, we offer an extensive portal of information and tips regarding dozens of disabilities and chronic conditions. We also have a Kenya's largest online disability community, so that you can get personalized feedback on your specific questions and challenges or help others find answes to their questions or challenges.

Topic of the Month: 

Economic Empowerment Month

This November at EnableMe Kenya, our focus will be economic empowerment.

Economic empowerment mean helping people with disabilities help themselves financially. It means employment, grants, welfare schemes. In our Economic Empowerment topic section, we advise on the different ways people with disabilities can become financially independent. 

Click here to read our information articles on the topics, or click here to see what advice our online Community offers.


EnableMe Community

The online solution space around disabilities and chronic illness


Living with impairment

Therapy, care, costs and more - these topics help in everyday life with a handicap.