Celebrating Kenya's Inaugural Assistive Technology Day on 4th of June 2024!

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This June, EnableMe Kenya joins the world to mark a significant milestone with the introduction of the very first Assistive Technology (AT) Day! We're thrilled to dedicate this month to raising awareness about the transformative power of AT and its impact on the lives of Kenyans with disabilities.

Assistive technology encompasses a wide range of tools and devices designed to empower individuals with disabilities to overcome challenges and participate fully in all aspects of life. From wheelchairs and prosthetics to screen readers and communication apps, AT bridges the gap and fosters independence.

Throughout June, we encourage you to:

  • Learn more about AT: Explore the different types of assistive technologies available and how they can benefit people with various disabilities.

  • Share your story: Have you or someone you know benefited from assistive technology? Share your experiences on social media using #ATDayKenya and inspire others.

  • Support AT initiatives: Get involved with organizations working to make assistive technology more accessible and affordable for Kenyans with disabilities.

Together, let's build a more inclusive Kenya! When everyone has access to the tools they need, a world of opportunity opens up. Let's celebrate the power of assistive technology and work towards a future where everyone can thrive.

Stay tuned throughout June for more resources and information about Assistive Technology Day!

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