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Counselling Centres for Emotional Abuse Victims in Kenya

Emotional abuse can leave one feeling shook and alone. In Kenya, there are outlets for victims to gain support.

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    Africa Mental Health Training and Research Foundation

    The centre is involved in all matters mental health including research and treatment and also advisory on policies around mental health treatment. Beyond these, the Africa Mental Health Training and Research Foundation offers individual, couple, family and group counselling, in addition to guiding clients from a mental and non-mental health perspectives to various issues. 
    Email: or 
    Contact: 07202 651 360

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    Tumaini Counselling Centre

    Tumaini (Swahili word for Hope) Counselling Centre was primarily opened for mental support of African Inland Missionaries, a Christian organization whose goal is to spread Christianity in Africa. Even so, the centre is open to persons who do not subscribe to any faith as there is a team of professional counsellors at the centre who base their approach according to scientific knowledge and principles rather than religious beliefs. Tumaini Counselling Centre acknowledges that while they may be faith based, religion does not offer all the solutions to the mental and psychological challenges one may be going through, hence the need to tap into science and non-religious knowledge that is licensed by the professional body of counsellors in Kenya.

    Contact: 0733 687 050

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    Pambazuka Counselling Centre

    Located in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County, Pambazuka Counselling Centre offers a wide variety of counselling services that include but not limited to, anger management, loss and grief counselling, terminal illness counselling, career counselling and relationship therapy. 

    Contact: 0711 451 786

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    Vizazi (meaning generations) is a youth focused counselling service provider that seeks to change the outlook on matters mental health. Located in Nairobi, the organization works to empower young people with counselling skills through mentorship, community and strategic collaborations to craft a unique method of changing the mental health narrative especially among young people. 
    As it is focused on young adults and teens, Vizazi provides counselling on issues such as emotion and anger regulation, acting out behaviour, substance abuse, identity issues and attachment related issues. It uses a wide range of methods to address the issues highlighted, such as cognitive and behaviour therapy, systemic therapy, and emotion and anger management training. 

    Contact: 0711 927 666

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    Oasis Africa 

    The organization is reputed for its long-standing history in counselling psychology in various fields such as individual group and family therapy, in addition to trauma and recovery expertise. The organization is also a go to place for organizations seeking to have a better relation with its workforce, as Oasis Africa has expertise and experience in change management and retirement planning, just to mention a few.
    Contact: 0725 366 614
                     0110 862 232

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    Psychiatric Disability Organization of Kenya

    Based in Nakuru County, Psychiatric Disability Organization of Kenya is a mental health awareness and rehabilitation organization run by those with psychiatric disabilities, for those with psychiatric disabilities, but with the help of clinicians. The organization is set with this model so as to utilize the lived experience of those with psychiatric disabilities and in the process form a community between those affected and be at a position to help each other. 

    Another benefit of this model is that the organization is able to make referrals from this community to other places where those affected with mental health challenges can get assisted. To further enhance its reach, there’s the use of telepsychiatry to reach to underserved communities who can’t get to a physical location to get services. 

    Its objectives are;
     To promote mental health equity by reducing disparities to access mental health services caused by systemic discrimination and neglect, community based recovery-oriented services, whose goal is to help those affected without having to confine them to an institution.

    Technological usage to ease access to services that are affordable and of WHO approved standards. Harnessing the power of lived experience as the driver to efficient care and service delivery. In addition to matters psychiatry, the organization also has a prison psychosocial support program for those incarcerated. 

    Contact: +254 774 354 618
    WhatsApp +254 774 354 618 

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