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Join us!

Are you passionate about disability inclusion? Do you strive to create an inclusive society?

Together we can multiply our efforts exponentially to provide persons with disabilities with meaningful information and gainful opportunities. 

We have the following opportunities;

For expert organisations

We develop partnerships for creation and delivery of content on specific topics (for instance on livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities) and for specific target groups (i.e. people with a specific type of disability or chronic disease). Specialist organisations and individual experts can team up with us for the creation of content. You can also help us to answer questions that are raised in our community on your area of expertise. Together we can reach out to persons with disabilities with relevant information and build a community around it.

For companies

For companies we have three types of opportunities: 

  1. We offer support to make your products and services accessible for persons with disabilities. Via our platform you can interact with potential customers and get their feedback. You can also involve them innovation and development of new products.

  2. Companies that are in need of skilled employees can work with us to recruit, train and employ persons with disabilities as employees.

  3. Companies that are outsourcing work and services to suppliers can be connected to entrepreneurs with a disability to include them in their value chain.

For Government entities

Government entities can make their information accessible and reach out to persons with disabilities that otherwise don’t have access to the information provided by the institutions. You can work with EnableMe to smoothen your information provision and include everyone in society, including the persons with access needs.

We can also help you with employment and procurement. See above, under companies.

For Non profit organisations

Whether you are a disability organisation or a ‘mainstream’ organisation that wants to include persons with disability in your programmes and services - we are there to help you to enhance your programs and your services. We can develop a content partnership to help you to provide information to a target audience with access needs. We can help you to interact with your users or potential users via our platform. You could develop a community of users for exchange of experiences. We can also help you to set up campaigns or strengthen your advocacy efforts.

Contact Us

Write an email expressing your interest and potential collaboration areas now!