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Our Impact

Our vision is an inclusive society in which people with disabilities are naturally visible, independently active and fully represented.

The focus of our work is the mutual support of and for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Individual experiences become a treasure trove of solutions for many others. We take over the distribution of these solutions with our portal. Our focus is on the skills and strengths of each person. Our offers aim to bring about positive changes in our target group. We place particular focus on the

  1. personal development,
  2. health and wellbeing,
  3. economic independence and
  4. the social participation. 

We measure how we achieve these impact goals using our portal usage data and we collect them regularly via surveys and focus groups.

Below you can find how we impact our users on a daily basis:

270,000+ views* of articles, discussions, questions and publications on our site and in the community in 2022.

* Statistics Matomo

Our projects in numbers

Awarded for Innovations in Independent Living, Political Participation and ICT.

Enableme kenya community platform in 2023

Awarded by Zero Project

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Diversity & Inclusion Award for Best Inclusive Deployment of Technology.

Awarded 1st runners up in 2022 

Awarded by National Diversity and Inclusion Awards & Recognition

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Info that goes viral.

Social media

Making the biggest difference 

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