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EnableMe Kenya is Zero Project Awardee for 2023

The Zero Project Awards recognize innovative programs and initiatives advancing the rights of persons with disabilities globally. The award is for our focus on supported decision-making, personal assistance, and community living.

It has been under two years of action towards building an online community of persons with disabilities through our platform. We have shared over 100 jobs for persons with disabilities via the platform, hosted 3 hybrid and 8 social media advocacy events, onboarded an Award-winning mental health expert to provide psychosocial support on the platform (Amisa Rashid😊) and we just hit 100,000 unique visits to the platform. 
The most beautiful part of our story is the lives of persons with disabilities in Kenya that we have changed. This award goes out to Zena Ochieng, a mother of one daughter with cerebral palsy in Siaya County who reached out to me on email to thank EnableMe for providing a platform that was dedicated to sharing information and providing community for a minority group that often feels left out. Another beautiful surprise was that after hosting an online community of peer-to-peer support networking opportunities led to one of our community members getting a decent job. Karen Muriuki joined our online community during an Autism Employability Event. Check out some of our available opportunities HERE
Here’s to celebrating our transformative solution for inclusive development. 

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