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Counselling Centres for Drug Abuse Victims

In 2012, the Government set up the National Authority for Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA) to lead in efforts to counter drug prevalence in the country. In addition to its sensitization role against drug abuse, NACADA also licenses and monitors activities carried out in rehabilitation centres, with regard to victims of drug and substance abuse.

Drug and substance abuse has been a thorn in the flesh in the country for a long time. Despite the well-known health and other social negative effects of drug and substance abuse, several factors have contributed to increased drug and substance abuse in Kenya. To begin with, the drug market keeps evolving on a regular basis with the emergence of new methods and variants hitting the market from time to time. E-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and shisha are some of the challenges that compound the problem of fighting drug and substance abuse in the country. Worse off, pop culture has made it seem okay to use drugs, making a majority of youths feel left out if they do not use any of the substances they see on mass media. 

Below are some drug rehabilitation centres across Kenya.

  • 1

    Fountain of Hope Addiction Treatment Centre

    Founded in 2009 and located in Syokimau, the Centre offers addiction treatment services through various methods such as medical detoxification and management of withdrawal, psychotherapy and psychological counselling. The facility admits 20 patients at its inhouse program so as to focus on the individual from all perspectives and devote resources with the end goal of long-term change on the individual. 
    Contacts: 0796 656 300
                      0720 326 306
                       0718 210 642

  • 2

    Retreat Rehab Centre

    Located in Limuru, Kiambu County, the Retreat Rehab Centre offers treatment from a family and community-based approach while inculcating individual treatment methods such as occupational therapy, art therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Psychotherapy family therapy and relapse prevention. There are also follow up sessions even after leaving the Centre.

    Contacts: 0715 003 150

  • 3

    Nairobi Place Addiction Treatment Centre

    The Centre views addiction as a disease and employs medical and psychological treatment methods in treating the addiction. It has a six weeks in patient program where patients are taken through a 12 step process to overcome addiction, with the use of medically monitored detoxification. There is also a nine weeks outpatient program where the patient is treated without the need for admission to the Nairobi Place Addication Treatment Centre

    Contacts:  Landline - 020 267 9839
                      Mobile - 0735 550 000
                                     0733 440 000
                                      0721 399 609

  • 4

    RiMa Serene Medical Centre

    The RiMa Serene Medical Centre found in Nyali Mombasa prides itself in providing a standard 90 days sobriety program in addition to guiding parents with teenagers with addiction. There is also assistance to families of the addicts, or families that are struggling to cope after an addiction. 

    Contacts:   0777 202010
                        0792 895 508
                         0742 016 165

  • 5

    Dove International Mental Health Centre

    Located in Karen Nairobi, Dove International Mental Health Centre helps persons with addictions and people with mental disorders arising from substance abuse addictions. For instance, addicts may develop suicidal and/or self-harm tendencies from having a low opinion of themselves.

    Contact: 0728 512 529
                    0728 687 464

  • 6

    Haven Recovery Centre

    Haven Recovery Centre is found in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County. The Centre teaches family about the addiction and in turn help the patient in the recovery process

    Contact: 0706 055 664
                    0722 620 511

  • 7

    Wonderpeace Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre

    Located in Ruiru along the Thika Super Highway, the Centre, offers in-patient program, out-patient program, psychiatric consultation and intervention programs with the aim of helping the family of the victim understand the damage of the addiction, and that external intervention is necessary. They also have an alcohol addiction self-test for individuals to test themselves on their reliance on alcohol. 

    Contact: 0706 312 696

  • 8

    Recovery Trails Treatment Centre

    The Nyahururu based rehabilitation centre aims to help addicts recover with dignity and help them gain control of their lives. In addition to helping victims get off addiction, the Centre helps addicts have an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of their intrinsic value. 
    Families of the addicts are also involved in the recovery process, and this helps to heal the family, as well as accelerating the recovery process after rehabilitation. This means integration back to society is seamless.  

    Contact: 0717 607 383
                      0721 136 301
                       0736 664 394

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