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Top 10 Tech Gadgets for Persons With Disabilities

Technology cut across every sector in the new millennium era. Technology for persons with a disability is not exempted. New and more exciting gadgets with great features come up as technology continues proliferating.

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Manufacture and innovation of new devices and gadgets for persons with disabilities are among the most notable roles the industrial sector plays in making their lives easier and better.  

Persons with a disability need special care and attention, which require more than human interventions to fulfill. 

Technology cut across every sector in the new millennium era. Technology for persons with a disability is no exemption. New and more exciting gadgets with great features come up as technology continues to develop.  

The following devices mentioned below are termed as one of the best in 2020 and the foreseeable future, especially in your office, home space, and social places. 

  • 1

    1. In-Drawer Ironing Board

    Well -ironed clothes gives you that neat and fantastic appearance. Would anyone want to wear a shirt with creases? No. The feeling of being smart and presentable boosts your self-esteem and personality for the better part of the day. The new in-drawer ironing board is a unique design that allows you to iron your clothes at the comfort of your wheelchair conveniently.

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    2. Automatic Door Opener

    The automatic door opener has a built-in body motions sensor that detects any human movement. Once you reach near the door, it automatically senses and opens. The innovation has been practical, and most home builders are opting for it. They prefer it not only for the sake of their loved ones but also for bringing some luxury to their homes. If you or one or your loved ones need special care, the automatic door opener will help him or her move around the house with ease.

  • 3

    3. Waste Bin Pull Out

    It is not very far from the automatic door opener idea. Why? They both use the concept of body motion sensors. It is mainly built under kitchen countertops. How does it work? It works with a touch-and-open system. Once you tap it with your knee, leg, or any part of the body, it automatically opens and quickly disposes of waste.

  • 4

    4. Roll-Up Ramps

    The roll-up ramps are spread across the staircase. They help you move with your wheelchair safely down the stairs without been carried. It has different designs and lengths, depending on the size of the staircase. The name roll up came from their ability to be rolled and spread.

  • 5

    5. Foot Scrubber

    The foot scrubber looks like a slightly rough hairy rubber placed on the floor of the bathroom. You can set your leg against it, and it scrubs your feet until they are clean to your satisfaction. The foot scrubber is very affordable. It cost around two dollars at the retail price. If you might be struggling to reach your feet as you take a bath, the scrubber has come to your rescue. Grab it in any supermarkets or retail shops and give yourself that bath you deserve.

  • 6

    6. Finger Input Device

    A Finger input device can be of great help when you are doing some typing work. The device is worn around the fingers to help you do your typing on the keyboard. This is one of the greatest innovated gadgets that are very effective in office space. A Finger Input device is an excellent solution to perform your typing effectively. Now you can do your office work with ease and no struggle.

  • 7

    7. Orange and Lemon Peelers

    Are you having a hard time trying to peel that juicy orange fruit you have spotted on the kitchen counter? You might be salivating at it but still do not know how you will peel. Once you place that fruit on the peeler machine and watch it in a few seconds, it will be ready. Now you can enjoy it with so much pleasure and gratitude.

  • 8

    8. Wheelchair Adapted Stroller

    There are modern customize wheelchairs that come with strollers. The strollers can be of different use depending on your purpose. There are baby carrier strollers, suitable carriers, and walking aid strollers. If you are a parent, the baby carrier stroller will allow you to walk around the streets, parks, house corridors with your baby and feel that parental love and bond with your child. The goods stroller helps you to shop and carry your stuff while still moving with your wheelchair. The walking aid stroller helps mostly individuals with spine and back complications to walk. It is most useful for older people who have walking difficulties.

  • 9

    9. Braille Smartphones

    The mobile phone manufacturing industry made a milestone this year, and they were able to innovate and manufacture braille smartphones. Visually impaired persons can now enjoy the fun of communicating through smartphones with their friends and family. Take that opportunity today to surprise your loved one with a braille smartphone this festive season. Make them feel loved and appreciated.

  • 10

    10. Robotic Arms and Leg

    It is the most significant technological gadget achievement in the decade. The customized robotic arm or leg has almost the same ability to work as a natural hand or leg. Imagine yourself getting involved in a road accident, and the doctor suggests your injured leg or arm has to be amputated? Just the thought of it can give you some sleepless nights. If you might be a victim of that fateful experience, there is hope for you to walk again or hold that cup also. You can live an independent life once more. The robotic arm or leg is powered by artificial intelligence. Before a robotic arm is fitted, several medical tests are carried out, and the one that is good for you is recommended. The bad news is that not everyone can afford a robotic arm or leg. A standard one can cost around fifty thousand to eighty thousand dollars, which is quite expensive.

To sum up, technology plays a massive role in making our lives better. Let us embrace every opportunity to come up with more useful innovations. 

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