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Our Story

EnableMe Kenya is about providing information services and self-help communities for people with disabilities and their close ones. Our story starts with a communicated need for more information by people with disabilities in Kenya. We therefore engaged in discussions with people with disabilities, the umbrella organisation United Disabled Persons of Kenya (UDPK) and Light for the World Kenya.

We conducted a thorough needs analysis with more than 500 people with disabilities online and offline. The user needs were presented and discussed in a forum of organisations of persons with disabilities in Kenya. People with disabilities indicated that there is a high need for online information, especially on disability services and on livelihood. However, the information on the internet was often difficult to find or not reliable.

Together with the representatives of organisations for persons with disabilities we have designed the strategy for content creation and community building. The people participating in the co-creation session saw very good opportunities to develop a cross-disability nationwide platform and online community of persons with a disability, their friends and care-givers and other persons interested in the topic of disability inclusion.

Three organisations took the initiative to develop and implement the platform and online community: United Disabled Persons of Kenya, Light for the World and the international EnableMe foundation.

In 2021 we launched the platform. We are now working hard to develop relevant content and the community. We are open for partnerships with organisations that are interested in strengthening their services and programmes with the online platform for persons with a disability.