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EnableMe Community Guidelines

Welcome to the EnableMe Community!
Our community members make the EnableMe Community so great and we are thrilled to give you a warm welcome to this space.
Our mission is to enable 1 billion people with disabilities worldwide to support and help each other through relevant information, community, and services. To that end, we are working hard to ensure that we align our actions with that purpose. The core idea of our forum is: here you can find help for and from everyone. We warmly welcome individuals, relatives and all people who are interested in the concerns of people with disabilities or severe illness to help each other in a friendly and constructive way.
To be able to guarantee that the EnableMe Community is inclusive and safe for everyone, we operate with Community House Rules. When you become a member of our community, you are committing to comply with these guidelines.
These Community Guidelines should help you understand what to expect from the community and fellow members in the EnableMe online space and how we engage with each other within the community. To help you get started, we have also prepared a quick guide on setting up an account, what to find there and how to take your first steps in engaging with the community.

Vision & Mission

We are a strong glocal community of people with disabilities and their close ones with a shared vision of tapping into their abilities and social inclusion. We are a one-stop-shop umbrella community with 15 years of experience and insights on disability and inclusion across all life fields. Our mission is to enable 1 billion people with disabilities worldwide to help each other through:

  1. Information: relevant, high-quality, accessible, and easy-to-find information about living with disabilities and/or chronic diseases;
  2. Community: clear, easy-to-follow forum for peer knowledge and experience sharing, expert Q&A, peer support, and respectful exchange around inclusion at an eye-level;
  3. Services: peer programs, a job platform, and other specific services.

We provide the online space for community members to connect and exchange on a local level and connect and tap into years of knowledge and insights across countries. Through our technology and moderation, we ensure our members' safe space and privacy, so that personal questions can be asked and solved.

As a community, we aim towards solving problems and unlocking inner potential together.
EnableMe. Together we grow.

Values & Community House Rules

The EnableMe community and forum is a safe and inclusive online space for its members. To ensure it stays such over time, we interact with each other according to our core values:

Inclusion: Keep it friendly, tolerant and respectful

We aim for EnableMe to be a safe and friendly space for all its members. To ensure that:

  • We want to help and inspire each other. For the individual, each post can be valuable and represent their personal situation.  We are happy about every contribution.
  • We communicate with respect towards others; we treat others in a way in which you would like to be treated yourself.
  • Be tolerant towards others’ viewpoints and suggestions, even if you might disagree with them.
  • Take care when formulating your answers, and keep in mind that humor might be misinterpreted.
  • Welcome the new members: If you have been around for a while you are encouraged to welcome the new members and “take them by the hand”
  • Tolerance and respect are expected from all users. Regardless of nationality, age, language, gender, type of disability, faith or belief, each user can express their opinion freely as long as they respect those of others.

Responsibility: Keep it safe & private

Please be careful when sharing your data, opinions and information - your actions and words have an effect on others:

  • Upon registering, choose a profile name (e.g. Iamable123) that will be visible in the forum. You log in with your email but per default this is not visible for other users.
  • For your own safety please do not share personal information not suitable for public viewings, such as address, email, or phone number.
  • When posting, do not present opinions as facts.
  • Share only trusted and double-checked resources (see how to evaluate this here).
  • Respectfully disagree when opinions do not align. Even in controversial topics you should keep your composure and refrain from personal insults.
  • Respect the privacy and personal information of others when sharing stories and answering questions.
  • Treat the content of private message exchanges privately. Do not publish private messages in the forum in whole or in excerpts or in quotes without the consent of the sender.
  • You can talk about feelings and emotions. Please do not share content that might have a dangerous effect on others.
  • If a post upsets you, it is sometimes better not to respond to it. However, if you see a violation of the Community House rules, please let the editors know by using the "report" function under each post.
  • Please beware that the moderation cannot double-check every link or comment users post, hence, in case of important information, do double-check the source yourself to be safe.

Collaboration: Keep learning & co-create

  • We grow and learn in a culture of trial and error. Share your feedback and your needs with us to help us grow faster and better together.
  • Bring up your ideas and contribution to making the community more valuable for yourself and other members - we are as strong as each members’ contribution to the whole.

We do not allow content that is:

  • In violation with the applicable (country-related) laws;
  • In violation with the Youth Protection Act (minor protection, as the forum is intended for both young and old)
  • Provocations & improper criticism;
  • Dangerous to others;
  • Harassing, abusive, discriminating, offensive, pornographic, instructions / discussions for performing illegal acts (e.g. illegal downloads), racist, sexist, threatening, vulgar, obscene, hateful or otherwise inappropriate;
  • Medical advice;
  • Links to pages that demand payment for calling the page (dialer, etc.)
  • Impersonating someone else or fake engagement;
  • Copyright infringement;
  • Software / services for the distribution of unsolicited e-mail messages (spam);
  • Irrelevant or inaccurate content to the community.

Posting any of the above content will result in an immediate user deletion.

Multiple accounts

In the EnableMe forum the use of two or more accounts per person is not allowed. In special cases exceptions can be granted. To do so, please contact the editorial office.

If you feel that a community member is breaching these guidelines, or if you have concerns about another user, please inform your Country Community Manager through the Flag function or directly email Your reporting will lead to a warning, thread or comment suspense/deletion or immediate blocking of the user account by the EnableMe team.

EnableMe reserves the right to remove any messages that breach our Community Guidelines. The editors reserve the right to block and exclude users from the forum without any warning, if they are obviously interested in disturbing the peaceful flow of the forum.

Posting guidelines

Please review the following posting guidelines before posting and commenting in our community:

Topic title

Please use clear and informative topic titles. In this way, other community members can easily recognize what the topic is about and contribute to a solution of the issue more quickly.

Choose the right category for your post

Subject-specific topics should end up in the correct forum to avoid unnecessary confusion. If a topic is not in the correct forum, it may be moved by the EnableMe team. (You can find the Community Blueprint in the How-to section) Topics of a general nature without a subject-specific background belong in the Coffee Lounge corner.

Avoidance of duplicate contributions

Many themes are recurring ones. Before posting, search for your question. If you find that your question has already been asked in the forum, but you are not satisfied with the answer, we recommend to continue the thread. In this way it will appear at the top again. It makes more sense to collect different answers in one thread than to ask the same question several times.

Clarity / Off-Topic Contributions

In order to keep the threads clear and to enable people seeking advice to quickly find the right solution or good advice for their situation, we ask that you refrain from making contributions that do not relate to the original topic. Such so-called "off-topic" posts will be deleted without comment. This serves the quality of our service. For casual exchanges, socializing or topics of a general nature without a technical background, the Coffee Lounge corner is the appropriate category to post in.

Political Discussions

The EnableMe community offers a forum to support each other and solve problems as a collective, no matter the background or political views. It is generally not the right place to engage in political discussions. The moderation team might delete politically-inclined comments and discussions or other off-topic comments if they distract from solving the issue at hand in order to maintain the quality of our service.

Writing and typing errors

Everybody makes mistakes. So it is best to overlook spelling and typing mistakes. Hints on spelling mistakes usually lead to useless arguments, which can quickly turn a previously good discussion into an overwhelmingly negative conversation in which the actual content of the discussion is difficult to find.


Useful product tips from private users are allowed and welcome. Pure advertising entries from companies must be recognizable as advertising and are therefore not allowed in forum threads. These will be deleted without comment.

Advertising on the forum

Generally, the EnableMe community itself is not a space to place advertisements. All discussions and comments of organisations containing content with an advertising character will be deleted without comment. Critical for the understanding of an advertising character is a) the aimed monetary benefit of b) an organization via c) an offer posted on the community. Those interested in advertising on the website may contact EnableMe ( or your local country moderator about advertising possibilities.

Sharing of partner pre-approved helpful content

If an organization offers information, a product, or a service that is 1) helpful for people with disabilities and chronic illness, 2) offers a special offer (e.g., gratis / discount) for the community, and 3) has become an EnableMe partner, the country moderator can decide to place the offer on the community. The moderators post the offer so that the community recognizes the post as a pre-approved recommendation and not an unauthorized advertisement. Such pre-selection ensures the helpfulness of the recommendation and the quality of the community as a whole.

Service partners

Should a company be a partner through one of the EnableMe services and wish to post on the community, it has to go through their EnableMe contact point (service lead), who coordinates with the moderators. The EnableMe contact person is the one posting the information and not the company partner. 

F.ex. If a company XX is a partner of the Job platform, the EnableMe lead of the Job platform shares the job post of company XX on the community and not the company itself.

Search and offer

Individual users can post search and offer items under the category Search & Offer. This can include personal items for sale or individual job search posts. However, once the search and offer extend to an organization, it falls under the advertisement clause, and your post can be deleted without comment. In that case, please reach out to the moderation to secure a partnership.


To make your first steps within the community, check the How-to-guide here.