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9 Ways You Can Support Persons with Disabilities

This piece gives straightforward ways to help persons with disabilities if you are that kind of person looking forward to making a difference in others’ lives.

Global campaigns to create awareness, help, and empower people living with disabilities are regularly emphasized, but only a few people participate. To take part in charitable activities, solemnly rely on an individual’s beliefs, heart, and personality. 

This piece gives straightforward ways to help persons with disabilities if you are that kind of person looking forward to making a difference in others’ lives. Even if you are not very passionate about it, take that responsibility and make the world a better place. 

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    1. Gather People with The Same Interest

    Unity is strength. When you decide to walk alone on that journey, you might quit earlier than you think. So it is advisable to connect with people who are also interested. How can you gather masses? Social media is a compelling platform to connect. Form a WhatsApp group or a Facebook page as well as Twitter and Instagram. The purpose can be to raise funds for people living with disabilities or educate society on the importance of charity and create awareness. After forming the groups and pages, let people know your goals and intentions. Invite as many people as you can.

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    2. Donate machines equipment

    If you are well-off financially, you can participate on your own as it will also save you plenty of your time trying to connect and follow up. How do you start? Identify the right supplier of the machines and pieces of equipment. The next step is to pick a center for persons living with disabilities and talk to the stakeholders. It is imperative to speak with the stakeholders. Why? They will advise you accordingly. They can connect you to suitable suppliers, saving you from a lot of stress. After finding the right procurement information, you can donate your pieces of equipment and smile at that child once again. Some of the kits you can donate include: Wheelchairs Crutches physiotherapy machines

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    3. Construct Rehabilitation and Health Care Centers

    Creating a rehabilitation and health center requires a lot of support, not only financially. Working alone can be very hectic. How can you achieve it? Raise funds if you are not well off. Organize fundraising events and mobilize as many people as you may. Create support groups and make sure you get any form of support. When the funds are enough, kickstart the project and stop only when it is done. Rehabilitation centers are very instrumental in helping persons living with disabilities. Many times, they face negation from their own families. Their family members tend to feel ashamed and hide them from society, and that is unacceptable. Our brothers and sisters end up being locked indoors under very harsh conditions, especially persons who come from humble backgrounds. When rehabilitation and health centers started being established, it became like safe heaven. Health care and therapy became accessible. Those who needed wheelchairs got them, and life became better.

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    4. Partner with Non-Governmental Organizations

    Various NGOs support persons with disabilities. You can support people with disabilities by volunteering and taking part in the multiple projects they have. Your services and participation will be of benefit. Sometimes you do not have to do much as the little thing you can do make a significant difference. You can easily join an NGO with which you can volunteer and make a significant impact. Luckily, you can find anything on Google nowadays. However, before registering, ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable organization to avoid fall into the hands of fraudsters. What’s more, you can also consult with family and friends for recommendations.

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    5. Visit Someone with A Disability Occasionally

    According to psychiatrists, visiting a person with a disability might look like the least effort. However, it plays a significant role in their mental and social well-being as it makes them feel appreciated. People living with any form of disability are also human beings and have feelings too. Most of them get stigmatized. So, whenever you are free can spend time with persons with a disability. That is enough support too.

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    6. Donate Food and Other Necessities

    It’s not uncommon to find people with disabilities living in assisted-living homes. In developing countries like Kenya, most of these facilities are run by well-wishers, and providing for all of them can be challenging. As a concerned member of the public, you can buy food and clothes for the less fortunate people with disabilities. You don’t even have to buy new ones, you can still donate clothes that you no longer use, and they’ll appreciate it.

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    7. Start A Foundation

    The primary drive to start a foundation relies majorly on passion and commitment. Please do not create a foundation if you are not passionate about charity. To establish a foundation is more of a calling than a decision. Foundations play a direct role of support through different charitable service and mobilization of the varying individual who shares the same interest to support your goal towards helping persons with disabilities.

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    8. Offer to Pay their School Fees

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    9. Elect Them to Various Political and Government Seats

    This is the most meaningful way to support persons with disabilities. It is termed as `creating voices.` People with disabilities need to be represented by leaders who can truly relate to the challenges they face and articulate their grievances. The leaders can also push for reforms that favor persons with disabilities and amend policies that make them look left out. So next time there is an election held, take that responsibility of voting for a person living with a disability and let us give them a voice and power.

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