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Diversity Ability Support Network Systems-Dasuns

Beyond persons with disabilities, Dasuns benefits Public and Private sectors and anyone in need of care support services, fostering inclusivity and challenging traditional gender norms.

 Dasuns is a ground-breaking mobile and web application designed to address the unmet care support needs of persons with disabilities in Uganda and Kenya. Developed in collaboration with Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs), Dasuns functions as a platform connecting users, including persons with disabilities, their families, and public/private sector entities, with gender-sensitive, professional care support providers. It challenges gender norms, promotes inclusivity, and ensures that persons with disabilities have access to the support they need to lead more independent lives.

Benefits of Dasuns 

Dasuns is useful in various situations, including at home, in the workplace, and outdoors. It
benefits persons with disabilities by giving them access to a wide range of care support services in contexts of education, employment, and communication. Additionally, Dasuns
empowers families of persons with disabilities by reducing their caregiving burden and offering them a convenient way to find qualified care support service providers. This product extends its benefits beyond persons with disabilities to include elderly individuals and anyone in need of care support services, promoting inclusivity and challenging traditional gender roles.

Dasuns Milestones

Dasuns has been successfully tested in Uganda and Kenya, demonstrating its effectiveness
and scalability. It currently boasts 304 users, including 215 service users and 89 care support providers. This user base includes both genders, with 47 male care support providers. The innovation has received recognition from prestigious competitions, such as the MIT - Solve Global Challenge, and has influenced policy changes, ensuring that care
support providers are integrated into the public service structure in Uganda

How to access Dasuns

One can access Dasuns through its official start-up page []. Dasuns is currently
engaging the Ministry Gender, Labour and Social Development to subsidise the costs for
Persons with Disabilities under the Social Protection Scheme

Dasus Use Cases

Sarah is a 28-year-old woman with a physical disability in Uganda. She has been struggling to find a qualified caregiver to assist her with daily tasks and accompany her to her workplace.
Sarah downloads the Dasuns app and creates an account. She quickly finds a professional
care support provider who matches her needs and preferences. With the help of the care
support provider, Sarah gains independence, successfully continues her job, and experiences an improved quality of life.

User Profile:
John is a 62-year-old man living in Uganda who requires regular assistance due to his age-
related health issues.
John's family uses the Dasuns app to connect with a professional care support provider who provides him with the necessary support. This not only eases the burden on John's family but also ensures that he receives quality care, enhancing his well-being and comfort in his senior years.

User: Profile
XYZ Corporation, a private company committed to diversity and inclusivity. XYZ Corporation wants to hire persons with disabilities and create an inclusive workplace but lacks resources and knowledge about accessibility.
XYZ Corporation signs up for Dasuns and gains access to a pool of persons with disabilities looking for employment opportunities; Professional care support providers that persons with disabilities may require for their effective participation at the work-place; and the company also receives guidance and resources on creating an inclusive work environment, benefiting both the company and persons with disabilities.

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