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IWD2023: Building Online Communities of support for women in Kenya

EnableMe Kenya, an organisation focused on providing valuable information and a peer to peer support community for individuals with disabilities, recently partnered with Light for the World to host a highly successful International Women's Day online event in March 2023.

Byline: Faith Masengo

This event was a momentous occasion that brought together women from diverse backgrounds to celebrate their achievements and discuss the challenges they face in society.

The theme of the event, "DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality," resonated strongly with the audience, who gathered with a shared passion for gender equality and empowerment. The collaboration with Light for the World added significant value to the event, bringing together expertise and resources to amplify its impact.

A Day of Inspiration and Empowerment

The International Women's Day online Twitter Space event centred around empowering women and fostering dialogue on important issues via the EnableMe Kenya online community.

The event kicked off with powerful insights from renowned gender activist, Grace Wanene, founder of Drawing Dreams Initiative. Her inspiring words set the tone for the event, encouraging attendees to build communities to support each other to achieve our dreams.


Notable Speakers and Engaged Attendees

This event was able to reach 512,565 people via Twitter and drew in a diverse group of attendees, including professionals, activists, students, and advocates for women's rights. The event's success was further enhanced by the presence of several notable speakers; Grace Wanene, Founder and Executive Director Drawing Dreams Initiative, Faith Masengo, EnableMe Innovation Lead, Veronica Gakio, Founder Ankole Luxury and  caregiver, and Iram Bahawal, Disability Inclusion Advisor, Light for the World.

Leaving a Lasting Impact

The impact of EnableMe Kenya's International Women's Day event in partnership with Light for the World was truly significant. The event successfully raised awareness about the challenges faced by women with disabilities and emphasized the importance of building communities such as EnableMe  to support women in the society.

Attendees left the event feeling empowered and motivated to make a difference, armed with knowledge gained from the panel discussions and workshops. Many expressed their commitment to promoting women's rights and pledged to take action by joining the EnableMe Kenya community.

This successful collaboration between EnableMe Kenya and Light for the World showcased the power of partnership in creating positive change. The expertise and resources brought by Light for the World added depth and impact to the event, amplifying its reach and enabling a broader audience to embrace the message of empowerment.


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