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Where to Learn Braille in Kenya

Here are the best places in Kenya to learn Braille.

Learning Braille | © Pixabay

Learning Braille (Pixabay)

There are a number of places where one can learn braille in Kenya.

Kenya Institute for the Blind

One of the oldest institutions where one can learn Braille is the Kenya Institute for the Blind (KIB) KIB which runs a National Braille library, the only one of its kind in the country. The library offers services to primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions as well as the general public. It has a stock of about 5000 different titles covering all levels of education and various disciplines.  The KIB trains blind persons in Braille reading and writing skills as well as sighted people if they request it for use in their work with the blind. Newly blinded people  are also trained in writing and reading Braille as well as orientation and mobility.

Other centers in different counties

Other institutions include Machakos training institute for the blind, which is based in Machakos county, Maseno University in Kisumu county, Maseno University Homabay learning centre, the Kenya institute of special education in Kasarani, as well as  the Rural Aid  Kenya Training institute. The Machakos teachers training college is also a place where one can learn braille.

The African Braille Centre (ABC)

The African Braille Centre, a regional, non-governmental organization based in Nairobi is another center where one can learn Braille. ABC’s main focus is the production of a curriculum of Braille learning materials and audio books for use by visually impaired children in schools. The organization has partnered with other international organizations such as Perkins School for the Blind (USA), E-Kitabu (USA), DOT Corporation (Korea), Braillo (Norway) etc. in providing  assistive devices and equipment for blind learners as well as those with impaired vision.

Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Home

Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Home ensures learners with visual disabilities access to Braille equipment, quality learning materials, and innovative technologies. This organization  also supports the needs of people with disabilities.  Since Braille is a tactile reading and writing medium necessary for literacy of the blind/visually impaired, the teaching of Braille is a unique vocation, not comparable to any other teaching skills required to educate either sighted students or those with other disabilities.

Other schools

There are other schools spread out across the country such as Nico Hauser school for the visually impaired in Siaya, Kibo visually impaired secondary school in Kibos town, and St. Francis Secondary school in Kapenguria West Pokot.  Other schools include St. Lucy High school in Meru county, the Salvation Army High school in Thika town, St. Oda School for the visually impaired in Aluor, Siaya County, and Likoni school for the blind in Mombasa. 

The Kenya Institute for the Blind  is mandated to train (rehabilitate) newly blinded learners who drop out from regular learning institutions because of loss of sight, and/or those who are referred from hospitals and other places related to education, for educational rehabilitation.

The aforementioned institutions teach braille to the visually impaired at all levels, as indicated; we have primary, secondary and even tertiary levels. 

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