5 Benefits of Registering with the National Council of Persons with Disabilities in Kenya

There are numerous benefits associated with registering with the National Council of Persons with disabilities here in Kenya. Here are a few of the benefits.

There are numerous benefits associated with registering with the National Council of Persons with disabilities here in Kenya. Here are a few of the benefits.

Access to Assistive Devices

Assistive devices are products that in some way make the daily routine easier for persons with disability. Some of the common devices are hearing aids, crutches, wheelchairs, and prosthetic legs or arms. Persons with disabilities in Kenya receive assistive devices from the National Development Fund which enable the individuals to participate in the society. However, due to a limited availability of funds there are restrictions to the devices that can be applied for. If in the case that expensive equipment is required, a request can be made through one’s learning institution or work place directly to the Office in charge of the Funding Program. The equipment can be shared among multiple students and members of staff or be used to train individuals  providing services to clients. 

Access to Decent Education Opportunities

Sustainable Development Goal 4 is focused on providing quality education that is inclusive and equitable. This  reaffirms the belief that education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles for sustainable development. It aims to provide equal access to affordable vocational training, eliminate gender and wealth disparities and achieve universal access to quality higher education. 

Individuals who are registered under the council will have access to decent education opportunities at different levels as they work towards employment and contributing to national development. The grant empowers individuals by affording them up to 75% of their tuition fee with the applicant covering the remaining 25%. However, if the individual is in formal employment they will have to cover 50% of the fee and 50% covered by the grant. Covered only in extreme cases where proof of severe poverty is presented can  100% be issued 

If an individual enrolls for a course that takes longer than one year, the fund will only cover the first year. Every quarter, a report must be filled in to prove attendance throughout the course and that reasonable academic achievement is being met.The fund is paid to the educational institution and not directly to the individual themself. 

Documentation Requirements;

  • Proof of registration with National Council of Persons with Disability 

  • Copy of letter of admission

  • Recommendation letter from institution 

  • Complete education application form

  • Copy of National Identification Card (parent/guardian for persons under the age of 18) 

  • Copy of fee structure

Access to Financial Assistance

In extreme cases, caregivers of  individuals with a disability may be unable to commit to full-time employment. Persons with disabilities need access to permanent care  especially when it comes to feeding and accessing the toilet. 

In partnership with the National Council of Persons with Disabilities and the Department of Social Security and Services, the cash transfer program was developed to offer support to caregivers by reducing the level of poverty in a given household, improve the life of the person with disability and invest in the caregiver by improving their quality of life.

Job Placement Opportunities

The National Council shall seek to attain a 5% of emergency, contractual, and casual positions in the private and public sector of employment. The Council website also features a job placement portal. Individuals can view job postings from the council partners. 

Provision of Care Products

It is estimated that over 3,026 persons with albinism have access to sunscreen lotion. The National Persons with Albinism Sunscreen Support Program was formed to create awareness and provide services to all persons living with albinism. The effects of the sun can be severe and access to sunscreen can be expensive, therefore it is made available to those who need it, even those living in rural areas. Offices at the county level have been set up to assist with registration and identification of distribution centers.  Each individual is allowed one bottle to be used over a period of two months. 

The provision for comprehensive eye care is also made accessible at  selected hospitals, Pacis Center-Eye & U along Waiyaki Way. The Council covers the cost of a full checkup including the cost of glasses. 

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