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How to Acquire a Disability Card in Kenya

In Kenya, A disability is considered a physical, sensory, mental or other impairment, including any visual, hearing, learning or physical limitations that impact adversely on social, economic or environmental participation (Persons with Disability Act of 2003, Act 14).

According to the census done in 2019, 2.2% of the population in Kenya is living with some form of disability. 1.9% of men have a disability compared to 2.1% of women. The disability card serves as an alternative  to carrying around paperwork as proof  of being entitled to access to certain activities, services and programs. 

The National Council of Persons with Disabilities is mandated to safeguard persons with disabilities. This is a necessary  process to ensure recognition of persons with disabilities. It is a continuous exercise where adults and children are all registered. The process provides equal opportunity rights of persons with disabilities.

To obtain a disability card in Kenya:

  1. Get a Medical report. It is important that a medical report is obtained from a government hospital to ascertain that the individual has a disability. This report should indicate the main  cause of the disability, the type of disability and its  severity.
  2. Take your complete application to the regional office of National Council of Persons with Disability in your county.   The report will then be forwarded to Afya House, the ministry of Health Headquarters, for signature from the Director of Medical Services. This process should take a few weeks. However, leave room for delay due to various factors.  

The individual could also opt to visit the local office of Gender & Social Development Offices in the sub county to make an application. The application form can be downloaded from the National Council of Persons with Disabilities website. After the application is complete, the individual will then have to present a completed form together with the medical report at the sub-county level.  The qualification of persons with disabilities is done at this level.

You will need the following documents to be registered as a person with disability:

  • A certified copy of an Identification Card or Birth Certificate 

  • A passport sized photo

  • Completed NCPWD registration form

  • Copy of Medical report that confirms the disability

  • For persons above the age of 18 a certificate of good conduct

  • A Police Clearance Certificate Copy 

Registered members get a Person with Disability  national identification card that is recognized across various divisions both in the public and private sector. The Kenyan Government has provided different approaches in creating solutions that eliminate the discrimination for persons with disabilities and encourage their inclusion in activities that are geared towards achieving National Development goals. These efforts have been key in ensuring their human rights and dignity.  

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