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Hospitals in Kenya Offering Corrective Eye Surgery

Corrective eye surgery is a modern means of treating visual impairments. Here are the hospitals in Kenya where it is offered.

  1. Kikuyu Hospital located in Kikuyu area that for many years has treated eye ailments including Laser treatment for many people. 

  2. Eye & U Kenya is a well-equipped, modern and a comprehensive eye hospital that was established with the aim of providing latest and affordable eye under one roof. A team of skilled and experienced surgeons from India and Kenya render their services at Eye & U.

  3. The MP Shah Hospital located in Parklands Area in Nairobi; M.P. Shah Hospital is a modern 210-bed facility which is home to highly skilled and experienced specialists and professional medical staff. The hospital offers LASIK surgery for both eyes. Lasik is the most commonly performed laser eye surgery to treat myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. 

  4. Westlands Laser Eye Hospital is another Top Eye Hospital in Kenya that provides excellent eye-care solutions with the latest state-of-the-art technology. Westlands Laser Eye Hospital prides itself on having specialized eye experts with over 35+ years of experience, having completed more than 100,000 eye surgeries. The hospital is equipped with advanced and modern machines which provide accurate diagnoses and help in precise eye procedures with excellent outcomes. 

  5. The City Eye Hospital located in Upper hill Medical Centre, Ralph Bunche Road, Ngong Road offers various services relating to the eyes ranging from oct, Visual field, Gonioscopy, corneal topography, Tonometry, Retinal Detachment surgery, cataract surgery, macular Hole surgery, corneal transplant surgery, and Glaucoma Surgery. 

  6. The Lions Sight First Eye Hospital in Loresho that offers general outpatient and executive clinic, vitreoretinal clinic, Glaucoma clinic, LASIK, Optical centre, low vision clinic, Eye Glossary, Squint clinic, paediatric Opthalmology, orbital oculoplasty.

  7. Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital is another outlet that offers services in regard to corrective eye surgery with their services ranging from Cataract, Glaucoma, Laser correction, Cornea & Refractive, Retina, squint, paediatric Opthalmology, Neuro Opthalmology, Uvea, Orbit & Oculoplasty. Eagle Eye and Lase Centre located in the Lavington areas also offers Glaucoma clinic, Eye consultation, Cornea transplant, Treatment of eye diseases, LASIK eye surgery and cataract clinic. 

  8. The Aga Khan Hospital also offers treatment for eyes, being the first in the region to offer the Neurointerventional surgery, a less invasive procedure. 

The Lion’s Eye and Laser Centre in Mombasa is another Hospital that offers corrective surgery on eye ailments. It is equipped to handle a wide range of eye ailments and vision impairments using the latest equipment and a qualified medical team with extensive years of experience. The main services provided in this center include cataract surgery, comprehensive vision checks and solutions, optic nerve damage treatments with Laser for Retina problems caused by diabetes, Glaucoma Diagnosis and management, corrections of squint eyes and corneal transplantation.

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