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5 Online Dating Sites for Persons with Disabilities

Technology has revolutionized various aspects of our lives, including dating. Unlike before, people can now easily meet and interact with potential partners online. A new trend in online dating is the development of niche dating sites, where a platform targets a specific group of people.

Among the niche dating sites are those targeting persons with disabilities. In the same way some sites are tailored for people in various geographical regions, so are some dating sites meant for persons with disabilities. These sites make it easier for persons with disabilities in Kenya and across the world to get an opportunity to meet and interact with people like them in a safe environment free of stigma.

Here are five dating sites for persons with disabilities:

  1. Disabled Passions

Disabled Passions is one of the popular dating sites among persons with disabilities. The site offers single persons with disabilities an opportunity to network and date. The site classifies the people according to their disabilities, making it easier for subscribers to select their preferred partner.

Another factor that makes Disabled Passions popular among persons with disabilities is that it is free and serves as a networking site and a dating platform. The former makes it ideal as people can get to know each other without the pressure of committing. 

Disabled Passions allows various communication mediums such as email, message boards, and chat. It also offers different disability-related resources such as videos, blog articles, and games.

  1. Whispers4U

Established in 2002, Whispers4U is a platform offering persons with disabilities worldwide an opportunity to interact and find love in a safe space. The platform has both free and paid membership options. The paid option allows subscribers to access additional features such as video chats, virtual flirting, instant messaging, among others.

Towards making the site a safe environment for persons with disabilities to find love, Whispers4U often screens the site for scammers, removing fake profiles.

  1. MySpecialMatch

MySpecialMatch is a site created by a couple inspired by their daughter's disability. Shannon and her husband wanted a safe space where their daughter, Amanda, who suffered a traumatic brain injury at two, and others like her could interact and find love easily. 

“We wanted to do something that would allow our daughter and everyone like her the opportunity to interact with others and give every one of them the chance to find that special someone,” Shannon says on the MySpecialMatch website. She adds, “MySpecialMatch is that something.”

According to the couple, they desire that in MySpecialMatch, persons with disabilities will engage in productive conversations, find love, and build long-lasting relationships. 

  1. Meet Disabled Singles

Meet Disabled Singles is a platform facilitating romantic interactions among persons with disabilities. Free membership allows a member to gain access to various profiles and photos of singles with disabilities. 

The site allows the sending of private messages and live video chats. It also allows you to view people who have viewed your profiles or added you to their favorites list. Meet Disabled Singles has additional features that enable you to sort potential partners by various demographics such as sex, age, location, religion, and type of disability.

  1. Dating4Disabled

Dating4Disabled is a global platform designed to facilitate social networking and dating for persons with disabilities. The 17-year-old site facilitates these encounters through chat rooms, discussions forums, and blogs.Membership is free, thus allowing a large number of persons with disabilities to subscribe.

Another site you should visit if you are looking to meet new people is our own community platform which you can visit via this link EnableMe Community We have community members from all over the world who offer each other a listening ear and support through sharing solutions and ideas and thoughts that could enhance quality of life for persons with disabilities in Kenya and worldwide.

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