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How Music Can Reduce Your Stress Levels

Music has the power to create positive effects on your body and emotions. In this way, music can be an effective tool to manage stress. However, the effect that music has on your body will depend on the type of music you listen to. We will explore the effects of different music types on your mood within this article.

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Music & Your Mood

Do you prefer the upbeat, catchy tunes of Sauti Sol, or maybe the beautiful, calming music of Ayub Ogada? While faster music can make you feel more energized, slower music can help calm you down and release stress in your body. However, music preferences are different for everyone, so it’s up to you to decide what you like. There are music genres for every mood, and it can be beneficial to pay attention to which music types help you to feel stress-free so that you can turn to these songs next time you are feeling down. Singing (or dancing) along to upbeat songs can also be a great way to release any tension you might have in your body. 

While listening to music can help you control your mood, the act of creating music can also have positive effects on your brain. Check out our article “How being creative can improve your mental health” to learn about the positive effects of creating music. 

“The 4 ways sound affects us”

Julian Treasure is a “sound consultant,” someone who studies sound and gives advice on how best to use it. Within this talk, Treasure shows how sound affects us in four significant ways. This includes the ways that some sounds can create stress, and how others can reduce it.

He says that “Music is the most powerful form of sound that we know that affects our emotional state.” He also explores the ways that other sounds, such as those in nature, can reduce stress. Listen to his entire TED tal on "The Four Ways Sound Affects Us" by clikcing the link.


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