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How to Challenge Negative Thoughts

Societal stigma and self-stigma can produce negative thoughts and feelings that can drastically lower your self-esteem. Low self-esteem can make you more susceptible to stress and unhappiness, which is why it is very important to prioritize your mental health and challenge negative thoughts and feelings.

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“Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid”

Guy Winch is a licensed psychologist who believes that everyone should practice “emotional hygiene” (taking care of our emotions, our minds), with the same diligence we take care of our bodies. He believes that humans do not prioritize their mental health, but that they should.  

« “We know from dozens of studies that when your self-esteem is lower, you are more vulnerable to stress and to anxiety; that failures and rejections hurt more, and it takes longer to recover from them. So when you get rejected, the first thing you should be doing is to revive your self-esteem, not join Fight Club and beat it into a pulp. When you're in emotional pain, treat yourself with the same compassion you would expect from a truly good friend.” »
« “By taking action when you're lonely, by changing your responses to failure, by protecting your self-esteem, by battling negative thinking, you won't just heal your psychological wounds, you will build emotional resilience, you will thrive. A hundred years ago, people began practicing personal hygiene, and life expectancy rates rose by over 50 percent in just a matter of decades. I believe our quality of life could rise just as dramatically if we all began practicing emotional hygiene.” »

Watch Guy’s full TED Talk on " Why We All Need to Practice Emtional First Aid".

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