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Kicheko/Kilio: A Painting by Siralie

Together with the artist, Siralie, we talk about the meaning behind the painting "Kicheko/Kilio"

This Painting has a blue background with on both sides a white and green/yellow line. In the center a face with neck is painted. The woman had her eyes closed and her mouth wide open. In her ears she wears two big golden rings combined with a golden crown on her head. Blue, green and white dots on her face create depth.  | © By Siralie

Kicheko Kilio (By Siralie)

"Feel the strength within"

A photograph of a woman with a big laugh was what inspired Siralie. On July 25th 2020 she combined, this woman with the big laugh with her own emotions to create Kicheko/Kilio.

Siralie started with priming her canvas, made a sketch and then dug into her work. Using acrylic paints, brushes and masking tape Siralie worked 48 hours to create this piece of art.


The message told by this piece is that it is okay to allow ourselves to feel the emotions. “It’s okay not to be okay , we can cry, we can laugh, whatever emotions the present moment might be offering.” Siralie said.

By looking at Kicheko/Kilio Siralie wants the viewer to experience this. Siralie said:
I wanted the viewer to feel the strength within, in the sense that we can be going through it and crying, but at the same time we can afford to laugh, smile and push through our challenges.

The focus in this piece lays on the facial expressions of the character. Looking at her to feel the connection between you and her, in the moment or even a memory. “The woman in the piece is confident  and not ashamed of her struggles , she’s embracing them and focusing on the journey.” Siralie tells.  

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