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Riziki Source by Riziki Source

An app to help persons with disabilities find job opportunities in Kenya!

What is Riziki Source?

Riziki Source is a social enterprise which uses technology to help connect employers with persons with disabilities looking for a job in Kenya. They aim to facilitate workplace diversity, self-employment, disability inclusion and linkage to people with disabilities in Kenya with particular skill sets that are untapped.

How can Riziki Source help?

Riziki Source is a resource for both job seekers and employers. It helps job seekers with a disability look for a job/internship with a minimum education of KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) or a specific skill. For employers, they also offer disability mainstreaming training and awareness creation for companies to support them throughout the process of recruiting a person with a disability.

Where can I find Riziki Source?

Riziki Source is based mainly as a website, but it can also be used on your mobile Android device. You will need internet access to use Riziki Source.

For the website, please click the following link:

To download the mobile application from the Google Play Store, please click here.

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