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uSound (Listen at Home) by Newsbrick S.A.

A hearing assistant to help amplify the sounds around you.

man wearing headphones at airport | © pixabay

man wearing headphones at airport (pixabay)

What is uSound?

uSound is a personal amplification smart audio system developed by hearing and sound professionals accessible to help people who have trouble hearing sounds. This is not a replacement for a hearing aid, but rather it is a hearing assistant. If you have a hearing impairment and struggle to properly understand or follow a conversation, this might be the solution for you. The mobile app has been tested in different situations with people from mild to moderate hearing loss. In some cases, it works for individuals with moderate-severe hearing impairments.

How can uSound help?

The uSound app can help amplify sounds in specific situations such as when listening to a lesson at school, participating in a conversation with friends/family, and participating at a work meeting. The application also offers a customized experience by adapting the sounds to your hearing level through a hearing test that estimates the different values that compose your hearing.

Where can I find uSound?

To use the application you need a Smartphone (Apple or Android) and a pair of conventional headphones, preferably without a built-in microphone. For Apple users, you can find the application at this link, and for Android users, the application is available at this link

Please note that uSound recommends to start using the app gradually in order to allow for your ears to adjust.

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