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WheelMap by Sozialheld Innen

The World’s largest free online map for accessible places

Man in a wheelchair at a market | © Unsplash

Man in a wheelchair at a market (Unsplash)

What is WheelMap?

Wheelmap is an online, worldwide map for people to find wheelchair accessible places. The map was created in 2010 to help wheelchair users or wheeled walkers to plan their days more easily. There are currently almost 600,000 cafes, libraries, swimming pools and other public places on the map. About 300 new places are added on a daily basis. Wheelchair maps also strives to help make people more aware of problems in society and to motivate change in their way of thinking.

How can WheelMap help?

With WheelMap, wheelchair users can help to plan their day by finding wheelchair accessible locations. The map is based on a world map which shows more than 180 different types of public places. To see if a location is accessible by a wheelchair, use their simple traffic light color coding system. Where green is fully wheelchair accessible, orange is partially accessible, and red is not accessible.

Is a location you want to access grey? That means the data for that location isn’t added yet.  However, all users are able to add their own data to the map to help expand the database. So, you help others navigate their city and plan their day!

Where can I find WheelMap?

Using WheelMap is very simple! It’s found on both the web, and as a phone application for both Android and iPhone. Please note that to use you need to be connected to the internet.

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